HomeWorks believes that by changing the lives of the young women in our program, we are changing the world. We seek to inspire our scholars to change their communities and challenge the injustices they see in the world around them. Help support HomeWorks as we effect systemic change in our community.

PILLAR GOAL: $100,000 of $500,000

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A Vision of Longterm Change

Our Model: Every day, we prepare change-makers to shape Trenton's community through civic engagement, leadership development & training and community service. HWT promotes scholars thriving in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment that supports young women’s innovative minds and the solutions to the challenges in their community that they courageously pursue.


Our goal is for the scholars to understand and name the challenges that face the local Trenton community, while also becoming part of a stronger, more equitable solution that they design. We not only seek to help our scholars understand their struggles in an unjust system, but also provide them tools to help break that system in order to build a more just and equitable one. 


Change ripples out from each individual: We believe that by making a positive impact on the lives of the individuals in our program, we end up generating change across the community they inhabit. We've seen our scholars develop into community leaders already:

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Sneaker Design

Melanated 2 the Soles

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Book Writing

Polygence Scrubs Project

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Mayor of Trenton

Melanated 2 the Soles

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Strong communities generate opportunity, create space for diversity of thought, and inspire future leaders. We are Home will build stronger communities by creating a more innovative, equitable, and empowering community for young women to lead in Trenton and beyond.