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The Chief Operations Officer will lead the internal team to execute HomeWorks’ smooth operations and will support the Executive Director in all aspects of the organization.

Business and Strategy

  • In coordination with the ED, play a key role in the overall strategic planning, service delivery, and management of the organization across multiple sites and departments.

  • Work with the ED and Board to set and meet company performance goals.

  • Run program board committee meetings once a month and attend board meetings as needed.

  • Assist the ED in developing long-range plans for operational efficiencies and participates in the annual review and revision of corporate documents, policies and procedures.

  • Design, plan and implement business, risk or contingency strategies, plans, pitch decks and procedures.

  • Performs other duties and assumes other responsibilities as apparent and/or as assigned by ED. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change or new ones may be assigned at any time with or without notice.

Leadership and Team Management

  • Lead and manage members of the administrative and house team.

  • Build strong relationships with House staff and HomeWorks scholars.

  • Send weekly email with updates and reminders and conduct an in-person weekly meeting with the House Team to discuss both administrative and house related matters.

  • Lead and Manage Marketing, Business, Program, House projects on Asana with any tasks that need to be completed by the administrative and house team.

Human Resources / Recruitment

  • Maintain bi-weekly payroll.

  • Lead and execute staff recruitment and application process, including candidate and application communications (responding to inquiries, scheduling interviews, and admissions and enrollment activities).

  • Maintains Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual and the oversight of their implementation.

Organization Operations

  • Oversee and implement organizational policies and procedures, and standard operating procedures.

  • Oversee and maintain all financial budget and billing responsibilities of the organization.

  • Oversee and maintain smooth operations at dorm and office buildings.

  • Responsible for the daily supervision of all transportation vehicles, including the partnership with our transportation company; assures regular maintenance of utility vehicles; assures that vehicles are properly inspected.

  • Maintains a current listing of all liability insurances, policy coverage dates, coverage

  • specifications, payment amounts and due dates. Reviews annual premiums to assure

  • Ensure the HomeWorks program is complying with all legal and licensing requirements conducted by federal, state and other officials. Regularly review licenses, materials, lists, inspections certificates, and other materials which document compliance to guidelines, regulations, etc. Attends exit conferences; reviews findings with ED and Management Team members; prepares responses as required; and, follow-ups with responsible team members to assure that findings have been addressed.

Program Operations

  • Oversee and organize all program operations, including establishing residence, meal plans, transportation, program schedule, etc.

  • Strategize, implement, and evaluate internal programs, such as mandatory academic study hall, social justice learning, college access, parent/family engagement, and alumni engagement. For example, meet with advisors to strategize curriculum and logistics, create lesson plan structure, and track progress and overall success of programs.  

  • Remain on-call from Sunday evenings - Friday morning in case of emergencies and assist the House Staff with any issues that may arise within the House related to operations, scholars, parents/family, and more.

  • Plan and serve as on-site coordinator of program events such as orientation, graduation and special events; manage space rentals for all classes and activities.

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement volunteer and internship programs.

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement scholar recruitment strategies.

  • Support scholars as-needed to ensure access to all program materials and opportunities.

  • Continuously improve and manage attendance and program evaluation methods and records, and coordinate use of data analysis for learning and improvement.

  • During the academic year-long program, assist in all aspects as needed to help HomeWorks achieve measurable success.

  • Across all areas of work, contribute to annual operations calendars and manuals.

  • Plan and coordinate logistics for moving in and moving out day.

  • Co-lead and plan Program Debrief Day at the end of the year.

  • Remain adaptable and uphold HomeWorks values for incidents and situations that arise.

Marketing and Communications

  • Lead and oversee HomeWorks marketing and communications strategies and their implementation.

  • Partner with the Development Director to organize digital fundraising campaigns, such as Giving Tuesday.

  • Oversees social media, stepping in to create social media content when necessary.

  • Send quarterly newsletters using MailChimp.

  • Write press releases or blogs for local newspapers/newsletters or HomeWorks website.

The Chief Operations Officer’s goal is to execute HomeWorks’ smooth operations and play a critical role in managing day-to-day operations and effectiveness of HomeWorks Trenton around our core values of intentionality, empathy, and community. The Chief Operations Officer will do this through working closely with the House and Administrative team members, as well as building relationships with scholars and parents. We will use tools like Asana, Google and Slack to amplify the work.

We hope the person in this role will have a passion for justice, education and community building, and is excited about the opportunity to lead operations and develop a team culture that will ultimately create a program that equips Black and Brown girls in Trenton, NJ to be academically successful and become community leaders.



The person we would be over-the-moon to work with is excited to add to our culture based on a deep belief in our mission and a deep commitment to intentionally build our organization alongside a team with differing personalities, cultures, experiences, backgrounds. The Chief Operations Officer will see themselves in the examples below:

  • Culture Builder - You are an educator and community builder at heart, and thrive being in community with other folks. You are excited and knowledgeable on how to curate or organize experiences, guidelines and activities that build our culture of intentionality, empathy and community. You go above and beyond to build a safe, healthy and fun program for our scholars.

  • Efficiency and Organization - You organize your time in an efficient and productive manner. You have and can further develop your own systems and tools and know how to leverage those tools to hold yourself accountable, and help lead others. You are efficient and effective in your work.

  • Follow through on commitments. You live up to your professional and personal commitments and do not miss deadlines. You are reliable - in showing up in the work space and in following through what you commit to leading and creating.

  • Initiator. You take initiative to solve a problem on your own. You understand how you best absorb information and will take proactive steps to do what you need to do to learn something new even if your manager or boss is not presenting the information in a way that is most helpful.

  • Detail oriented. You do not let important details fall through the cracks and use tools (e.g. pen and paper, video notes, google docs, etc.) to keep yourself and others on track.

  • Team Player. You are community-oriented. You are flexible and are willing to jump in and do things that may not have been outlined in your job description. You have a growth mindset and welcome feedback as an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and as a team.

  • Honest Communicator. You communicate honestly and with transparency. You are willing to engage in courageous conversations.


  • Minimum of 5 years working at a business/administrative executive level.

  • [Preferred] Experience working with high school students.

  • [Preferred] Experience working with non-profits and/or schools.

  • [Preferred] Experience working with/in the Trenton Public School System or comparable public school system.

  • [Preferred] Experience working in residential environments.


  • Location: Lawrence/Trenton, NJ

  • Typical Working Hours: HomeWorks Trenton values work-life integration and is working towards establishing this culture, through actively fundraising for a bigger team, automizing procedures through AI and building culture around our values. However, as a grassroots non-profit startup with a small team, we are realistically still working long start-up hours, and there will be weeks where you are expected to work longer hours and have availability to work evenings and weekends as necessary.

  • Salary range: HomeWorks Trenton values our employees highly and acknowledges the importance of salary in recognizing and compensating for the value that employees create. We are continually growing in our ability to compensate employees as highly as we want to, and are actively fundraising in order to do so. Joining HomeWorks means being part of a deeply mission-driven and community-oriented organization that invests in development of staff as both people and professionals. We are, however, a young non-profit, and want to be transparent about what you can expect. In your first year, expect a compensation package of $70,000-$100,000.

  • Benefits:

  • Insurance HRA stipend of $150/month for any medical expense.

  • 10 days of Paid Time Off

  • Work Laptop

  • Professional development and leadership growth opportunities

  • A rewarding career that positively impacts our amazing scholars

  • Start date:

  • August/September 2023

  • Application Deadline: Rolling

  • Non-negotiables: 

  • Minimum of 5 years working at a business/administrative executive level.

  • [Preferred] Experience working with high school students.

  • [Preferred] Experience working with non-profits and/or schools.

  • [Preferred] Experience working with/in the Trenton Public School System or comparable public school system.

  • [Preferred] Experience working in residential environments.

  • Physical Demands: Walking up and down stairs, moving furniture and boxes during Move In and Move Out Day.

About the Company

HomeWorks Trenton, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that runs a free, community-based, after school residential program for Black and Brown high school girls in Trenton, New Jersey. We provide a space where Black and Brown girls can authentically express themselves while developing academic and social-emotional tools to thrive despite living in a systemically unjust society.

Our scholars live in the HomeWorks house from Sunday evenings to Friday mornings and are transported to and from their Trenton Public Schools every day to ensure timeliness. After school, scholars engage in daily activities focused on academics and identity-driven leadership, eat a family-style meal, and stay overnight in our dorm with two full-time staff members. Our HomeWorks model decreases chronic absenteeism and improves scholars’ academic performance and social-emotional skills while celebrating the power of Black and Brown sisterhood. By providing a space to explore and define their experiences, cultures, and identities, HomeWorks offers our scholars a chance to see that their ideas, visions, and presence are valid and relevant in this world.

Founded in 2016, HomeWorks has built a diverse team of full-time and part-time staff, board members, and volunteers. Together, we have run five programs and built a HomeWorks community. The HomeWorks team has been recognized by Princeton University, McKinsey & Company, Echoing Green, Comcast, Hollister, TRESemmé, Camelback Ventures, Barclays, Vital Voices, The Rachael Ray Show and more.

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