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Mental Health Counselor (Contract)



The Mental Health Counselor will offer vital support to scholars, assisting them in developing essential coping skills to navigate and process emotions. Additionally, the counselor will collaborate with the House Team during crisis situations, providing valuable assistance and support.

  • Conduct four two-hour Group Therapy Sessions per month on Sundays

  • On-Call Emergency Response to Crisis Services throughout school year 

  • Facilitate Parent Support Meetings (as needed)

  • Review treatment plans, develop safety plans and interventions based on client needs, risk factors, coping skills, and social support resources

  • Provide individual and group therapy based on assessments

  • Lead crisis intervention efforts, offering insight into the development of procedural screenings/assessments and behavior intervention plans, aligned with your area of expertise and certification/licensure

  • Offer assistance to staff in designing and implementing appropriate interventions and accommodations for scholars

  • Contribute to program development aimed at furthering the integration of social, coping, and problem-solving skills within the House

  • Collaborate and communicate with the House team regarding scholar development

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The ideal Mental Health Counselor is eager to collaborate and embodies our organizational values and contributes to our vibrant culture. Consider the following traits that the Mental Health Counselor would resonate with:

  • Culture Builder. You have a passion for education and community building, thriving in the company of diverse individuals. Your excitement and knowledge are instrumental in curating experiences, guidelines, and activities that foster a culture of intentionality, empathy, and community. You go the extra mile to create a safe, healthy, and enjoyable program for our scholars.

  • Efficiency and Organization. Your ability to organize time efficiently and productively is a key strength. You have a knack for developing and leveraging systems and tools to enhance accountability, not only for yourself but also for leading others. Your work is characterized by efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Follow through on Commitments. Reliability is your hallmark. You consistently uphold your professional and personal commitments, ensuring deadlines are met. Your dedication extends to both your presence in the workspace and the fulfillment of your leadership and creative commitments.

  • Initiator. You are proactive in identifying and solving problems independently. Your self-directed approach to learning shines through as you take the initiative to acquire new knowledge, even when information is not presented in the most accessible manner.

  • Detail-oriented. No important detail escapes your attention. You employ various tools, such as pen and paper, video notes, Google Docs, etc., to meticulously keep track of details and keep yourself and others on track.

  • Team Player. A community-oriented mindset defines you. Your flexibility is evident as you willingly contribute beyond the confines of your job description. Embracing a growth mindset, you view feedback as an opportunity for personal and team development.

  • Honest Communicator. Your communication style is characterized by honesty and transparency. You actively engage in courageous conversations, fostering open and candid communication within the team.


  • Location: Lawrence/Trenton, NJ

  • Payment

    • In acknowledgment of the services provided by the Contractor, the Client agrees to remunerate the Contractor. Payment will be based on scoped services and experiences and disbursed monthly – within 30 days of invoicing of completed services.

  • Credentials

    •  Experienced mental health counselor with LCSW or LPC license.

  • Typical Working Hours: Please note that times may be scheduled to change, and may vary if an emergency or unexpected situation occurs. 

    • School Year - September to June

      • Sundays: 6-8pm

      • Sunday Monthly potlucks with parents : 6-8:00 pm

      • On Call: 24/7 days for scholar crisis situations

      • May work occasional weekends and night events when necessary

  • Salary range: HomeWorks Trenton places a high value on our employees, recognizing the crucial role they play in our success. We understand the significance of compensation in acknowledging and rewarding the value our employees bring to the organization. Salaries at HomeWorks Trenton are determined based on individual experience and expertise.

    • Start date: ASAP

  • Application Deadline: Rolling

  • Non-negotiables: 

    • Experienced mental health counselor with LCSW or LPC license.

    • Experience working with high school students of similar demographic in Trenton, NJ.

    • [Preferred] Experience working with/in the Trenton Public School System or comparable public school system.

    • [Preferred] Experience working in residential environments.

    • [Preferred] Proficiency in Spanish.

  • Physical Demands: Walking up and down stairs, moving furniture and boxes during Move In and Move Out Day.


Every organization has its particular brand of crazy. We just try to be up-front about ours:

  • Our team is driven and determined, as we feel this is what is best for our scholars and our mission, and we do it because we care so much. We work quickly, are ruthless in getting things done, and will even roll up our sleeves and get down to sweep the floors. We are Type A folks.

  • We are obsessive about documenting everything so that we can replicate and scale what we are doing. Everything– from lesson plans to field trip procedures– will be added to manuals, put in the shared drive, documented on Asana and more. 

  • We are Intentional in living our values of intentionality, empathy and community in all we do. We all show up fully in the work. Every day.

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