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Part-Time Development Director



The Development Director is a vital part of the HomeWorks team. Our revenue model is currently 100 percent donation based, and this is our first and only role in our “Development Department”, which means this is a critical role. As a young nonprofit, we are still building our annual fund base. We are also in a capital campaign for a building renovation. We have been successful raising money from individual donors, foundations, and corporations, but are expanding to include public funding, so there is a lot to do! Our ideal candidate will not be phased by that. Rather, they will be excited about the challenge and the opportunity to get involved with all of it.

The position works very closely with the Executive Director, supporting her daily Development tasks, preparing documents, and prepping for meetings. The role will help expand and manage the HomeWorks development program. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Annual Fundraising: execute annual plan, formulate Giving Tuesday campaign, thank donors, cultivate and steward a portfolio of donors

  • Capital campaign: successfully run a $5 million campaign to raise funds for an essential renovation project

  • Prospect research: identify and research prospects, implement strategies to foster positive relationships

  • Stewardship: establish and maintain relationships with all donor segments

  • Foundation grants: identify opportunities, write grants and grant reports

  • Government grants: find and apply to opportunities at the local, state, and federal level

  • Database: maintain the current database, utilize data to enhance fundraising efforts, migrate data to new platform

  • Marketing materials: design and create marketing/fundraising materials for development needs

The Development Director has a direct impact on the scholars by raising funds in support of HomeWorks’ innovative model. This will be achieved by building and executing a development program reflective of the HomeWorks values and goals from the ground up. We are a young office and rely on digital tools to maximize collaboration and efficiency. Knowledge of Asana, Slack, Google, Eleo, Donor Search, Sales Force will be important for the role.

The right candidate will value justice, education, and community. Working at an early stage, grassroots non-profit startup, they must be flexible enough to take on unknown challenges and, literally and figuratively, be “willing to sweep the floors”. They must be comfortable initiating relationships with stakeholders and know how to steward those relationships appropriately. They must be excited about the opportunity to lead and execute a successful development program that will ultimately allow us to expand our program for Black and Brown girls in Trenton and beyond.

Sobre el rol


The person we would be over-the-moon to further our mission and wants to add to our culture. This person will share a strong commitment to our mission and building our organization with intentionality, working alongside a team made up of different personalities, cultures, experiences, and backgrounds. The Development Director will see themselves in the examples below:

  • Efficiency and Organization. You organize your time in an efficient and productive manner. You have and can further develop your own systems and tools and know how to leverage those tools to hold yourself accountable, and help lead others. You are efficient and effective in your work.

  • Follow through on commitments. You live up to your professional and personal commitments and do not miss deadlines. You are reliable - in showing up in the work space and in following through what you commit to leading and creating.

  • Initiator. You take initiative to solve a problem on your own. You understand how you best absorb information and will take proactive steps to do what you need to do to learn something new even if your manager or boss is not presenting the information in a way that is most helpful.

  • Detail oriented. You do not let important details fall through the cracks and use tools (e.g. pen and paper, video notes, google docs, etc.) to keep yourself and others on track.

  • Team Player. You are community-oriented. You are flexible and are willing to jump in and do things that may not have been outlined in your job description. You have a growth mindset and welcome feedback as an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and as a team.

  • Champion of Equity and Justice. You are a fierce advocate for equity and justice, paving the way in the Development world to dismantle oppressive structures. Your passion and drive inspire others to join us, fostering a culture where everyone's voices are uplifted and valued. You consistently engage in self-reflection and actively work to address and correct your biases, recognizing that personal growth is integral to advancing social justice.

  • Honest Communicator. You communicate honestly and with transparency. You are willing to engage in courageous conversations.


  • Location: Lawrence/Trenton, NJ

  • Typical Working Hours

  • Approximately 20 hours per week.

  • Have the flexibility and ability to meet with the HomeWorks Team on Mondays to Fridays from 9-5pm, and at times with donors on nights and/or weekends.

  • Opportunities to work at home occasionally

  • Salary range: HomeWorks Trenton values our employees highly and acknowledges the importance of salary in recognizing and compensating for the value that employees create. We are continually growing in our ability to compensate employees as highly as we want

  • Benefits: None

  • Start date: ASAP

  • Application Deadline: Rolling


  • Minimum of five years of fundraising experience

  • Proficient with social media and comfortable with general online database usage

  • Can commit to traditional business hours

  • Physical Demands: None

Sobre la empresa

HomeWorks Trenton, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that runs a free, community-based, after school residential program for Black and Brown high school girls in Trenton, New Jersey. We provide a space where Black and Brown girls can authentically express themselves while receiving academic and social-emotional tools to thrive despite living in a systemically unjust society.

Our scholars live in the HomeWorks house from Sunday evenings to Friday mornings and are transported to and from their Trenton Public Schools every day to ensure timeliness. After school, scholars engage in daily activities focused on academics and identity-driven leadership, eat a family-style meal, and stay overnight in our dorm with two full-time staff members. Our HomeWorks model decreases chronic absenteeism; improves scholars’ academic performance and social-emotional skills; and celebrates the power of Black and Brown sisterhood. By providing a space to explore and define their experiences, cultures, and identities, HomeWorks offers our scholars a chance to see that their ideas, visions, and presence deserve a place in this world.

HomeWorks was started in 2016. Since then, HomeWorks has built a diverse team of full-time and part-time staff, board members, and volunteers. Together, we have run five programs and built a HomeWorks community. The HomeWorks team has been honored to be recognized by Princeton University, McKinsey & Company, Echoing Green, Comcast, Hollister, TRESemmé, Camelback Ventures, Barclays, Vital Voices, The Rachael Ray Show and more.

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