Individual Volunteer

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Part Time - By Arrangement

Complete assigned tasks under the supervision of HomeWorks staff, uphold HomeWorks' core values, and comply with all of HomeWorks' training, policies and procedures to best support scholars and their families

Sobre el rol

HomeWorks is looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers who are passionate about educational equity, tutoring, mentoring, and building relationships with HomeWorks scholars. HomeWorks Trenton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a community-based after-school boarding program that includes academic and social-emotional enrichment activities to supplement public schools, empower women, and build community leaders. HomeWorks fosters a community of empowered young women from Trenton who strive to achieve their full potential and positively impact the world around them. If interested, please email and fill out the application linked above.

Acerca de HomeWorks

HomeWorks Trenton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that free, community-based, after school residential program where Black and Brown high-school girls can authentically express themselves while receiving academic and social-emotional tools to thrive despite living in a systemically unjust society. Our holistic, after-school residential program runs from Sunday evenings to Friday mornings. Scholars live in the HomeWorks house and are transported to and from their public schools to combat chronic absenteeism. Every afternoon, they engage in activities focused on academics, cultural life skills, women empowerment, and civic engagement. They then eat a family-style meal and stay overnight in our dorm with two full-time staff members. Our mission is to inspire and equip young women from marginalized communities to achieve their potential and positively transform the world around them by providing a supportive and educational residential environment.

Our unique model brings the benefits of the boarding school experience to public education without the bureaucracy, high fixed costs and scalability issues of an actual school. We aim to create an individual impact when scholars regularly attend school and achieve academic and social-emotional growth; a community impact where scholars uplift each other and lead their communities; and a global impact that disrupts inequitable systems of gender and race. Our vision is to create communities of young women around the world breaking down educational and gender barriers to social justice.