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Looking Back

We would first and foremost like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this unprecedented and challenging year possible. HomeWorks is a place that values teamwork, family, and collaboration, and this was especially relevant - and necessary - this past year. 2020 tested us in many ways, but it also included a number of celebrations and victories that pushed us to keep moving forward toward a brighter future.

Together, despite all the challenges brought on by COVID-19, we ran an in-person year-long adapted program, with transportation, daily and weekend meals, assistance with virtual schooling, workshops focused on mental health, college access, voting rights and more. In both our scholar workshops and staff meetings, we continue to push for more thoughtful and nuanced conversations on race and injustice.” - Co-Founder and Executive Director Natalie Tung. Read her full note on Page 3.

Additionally, there were holistic wellness sessions dedicated to mental health, meditation, and self-love, as well as yoga where scholars gain exposure to strategies for better health and fitness, hands-on art classes which provide the scholars with a creative outlet, either virtually or in person, and Brave Enterprise programming, focused on achievable goal setting, personal narratives, and how to acknowledge and overcome fears.” - Read more about our year-long activities on Page 7.

Six of our rising freshman, sophomore, and junior scholars who have GPAs of 3.0 or higher have secured scholarships from Give Back to seven select colleges in New Jersey. Through this partnership, HomeWorks is able to continue supporting its scholars long after they graduate from the program.” - Read more about the inspiring achievements of our scholars on Page 5.

Read the full annual report here.

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