Our Program

Here's what past Alumni have to say:

At HomeWorks, you will find an engaging, passionate, and fun community! You will get academic, extracurricular and leadership support from our trained staff, tutors, program leaders and other scholars. 

Day in the Life of a Scholar:

Learning doesn't stop in the classroom-

We've been to the Gravity Hill Barn Farm, Grounds for Sculptures, Basketball Camp, Dance Workshops, Self-Defense Workshop, Movie Night, Service Day, Ice-Cream Making and more! 

Parent Voices

Family partnerships are key to a scholar’s success at HomeWorks. As a guardian, you will communicate and collaborate with the House Team, attend Sunday Potlucks, and be a part of the HomeWorks family!

"She really lights up when she's at HomeWorks. ... She's doing more reading, interacting with more people, and that's all helped her become more of who she is going to be."

"She was like a closed flower but she's really budding now. ... She's learnt to stick up for herself, all of the HomeWorks staff helped her to express herself, in no-judgement zones. I think that made her feel really comfortable and open up."

Are you a parent or a middle / high school girl in Trenton?