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Here's what past Alumni have to say:


Our scholars are our first priority. Scholars at HomeWorks will find a community that is collaborative, passionate and resilient. We find that Scholars learn best when they take risks inside and outside the classroom, when they have open communication with peers and their team and use their voice to make a change. They will have access to a helpful network and informative resources that will support them in both their academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

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Day in the Life of a Scholar:

Learning doesn't stop in the classroom-

We've been to the Gravity Hill Barn Farm, Grounds for Sculptures, Basketball Camp, Dance Workshops, Self-Defense Workshop, Movie Night, Service Day, Ice-Cream Making and more! 

Parent Voices

Partnering with our scholars’ parents is the key component for our students success. Our parents know their daughters best. We will rely on our communication and collaboration with them to create a safe, loving and productive environment. 


Each Sunday, HomeWorks Trenton welcomes family members to a potluck for family members and occasionally teachers and principals to be a part of the HomeWorks family. We want this opportunity to facilitate familial touch points and provide parents with opportunities to engage in their scholars' educational experiences.

"She really lights up when she's at HomeWorks. ... She's doing more reading, interacting with more people, and that's all helped her become more of who she is going to be."

"She was like a closed flower but she's really budding now. ... She's learnt to stick up for herself, all of the HomeWorks staff helped her to express herself, in no-judgement zones. I think that made her feel really comfortable and open up."

Are you a parent or a middle / high school girl in Trenton? 

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