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Reflections from Kay

This past year was my first year as a HomeWorks Trenton scholar. It was also HomeWorks' full in-person residential program. HomeWorks means the world to me. I never knew that a group of people could become close even though they are so different. Even though we all had different likes, dislikes, dreams, etc., we all supported each other and moved as one. I couldn't have picked a better group to have my first year with. I felt like I had a second home and family.

This past year has changed me academically and emotionally. My GPA has gone from a 1.8 to a 2.7 in only 10 months. The tutoring and academic support that was provided allowed me to push myself more than I ever thought I possibly could. My goal for the 2022-2023 year is to at least have a 3.5 by the end of it. Being here has taught me if I have the right dedication and confidence in myself, then I can do anything. Personally, I have learned how to take more accountability for my actions and learned how to be more open about my feelings with others; I used to be really to myself unless it was my parents and best friend.

My favorite programs were Novelly and Princeton Dance. Novelly was a journaling workshop that lasted about 6 weeks. We were told to take situations from our lives and make either a story or poem about them. Since this was close to the beginning of the year, this allowed all of the girls to become vulnerable with each other and open up. In the end, I think this created deeper bonds and deeper relationships. Princeton Dance also had brought us together because of the end of the year showcase. We worked together to create a very nice show that we later showed our parents.

To the HomeWorks Staff, thank you for being there for me through this past year and for believing in me. You have helped me through my first year of high school. I hope the next year is just as good as the last one.


Novelly Poem

I come from the rundown apartment on the avenue.

From jam packed rooms, and struggle meals three times a week

I come from arguments and fights over the smallest things

From heart breaks and tears

I am from “Watch your sister boys”

And “Hurry up and come get these groceries”

From me wrestling with the boys I lived with twice my size

From Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and BeyBlades

I am from my mom at every show screaming in the audience

I'm from dinners for every talent or recital show.

From being forced to take picture for every occasions

I'm from long hugs and my mom not leaving until you say I love you back

But nonetheless this is where I came from and that's where I was shaped into me

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