Our Team

We're led by an inspiring team of thinkers, problem solvers and change-makers. We share mutual passion for education, women's empowerment and Trenton. We're based locally in Mercer County, NJ.

Natalie Tung

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Nandini Singh

Development & Program Manager

Erica Hundley


Marci Vandiver

Programming (Life Skills)


Core Team


Ariana Love

NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program Assistant/House-Sister

IMG_20190801_142017 (2).jpg

Serina Montero

NJ Bonner AmeriCorps Program Assistant/House-Sister

Jason_Park_5791 (1).jpeg

Tyasia Robinson-Hilliard


Danielle Womanspace picture (1).jpg
Serina official Photo.jpg

Tamika Clemons


ELA Curriculum

Caroline Lee

Jason Park

Math Curriculum

Alana Allen

Danielle Scollins

Math Curriculum

Programming (Womanspace Partnership - Healthy Relationships)

Youtee Wheagar

Programming (Identity)

000000 (1).jpg

Jin Chow

Inayah Bashir

Programming (Polygence Partnership - Research Projects)

Programming (Holistic Wealth Consulting - Self and Community Healing)


Helen Hennessey 

Programming (Fitness & Nutricion)

Rebecca Baelen

Tran Kim-Senior

Success Metrics 

College Counseling  

(Road to College Programming)

Board of Trustees

Kris Schulte
Board Chair
Gillian Reeder
Board Member

Marci Vandiver


William Stone
Board Member
Mike Caputo
Brenaea Fairchild
Emeritus Board Member & Co-Founder
Dana Harris
Board Member

Advisory Board


Founder & CEO of Isles, Inc.

Founder & Director of HomeFront

Former Planning Director for the City of Trenton

Rob Connor

Head of School at the Christina Seix Academy (CSA)

Manager at WithumSmith+Brown, PC

Product Innovation Consultant

at Intuit


President & CEO of Princeton-Blairstown Center

Partners and Supporters

For providing furnishing for our summer pilot program, mentoring  and helping us in our search for the perfect HomeWorks home:

For providing meals in 2017 and our 2019 full-year program: 


We're always looking for passionate individuals to join us.

Click on the button to go to the job description and application.


We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Telephone: (609) 414-7907

Email: info@homeworkstrenton.org

PO Box (Send all Mail & Cheques Here):

174 Nassau Street Box #196 Princeton, NJ 08542


Office: 34 Chambers Street, Princeton, NJ 08542

Residential House: Located in Trenton, NJ

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