Trenton's First After-School Boarding Program

HomeWorks Trenton is a community-based, after-school boarding program providing academic and social-emotional enrichment activities to supplement the public school system, to empower women, and to build community leaders.

Public School
Boarding School
After-school Activities

Our 5-½ day boarding school brings the benefits of the boarding school experience to public education without the bureaucracy, high fixed costs and scalability issues of an actual school. Our unique model does not require its scholars “to trade home and family for education”; instead, students live in the same community as their parents, speak with them daily, and live in their parents’ homes from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

Girls' education creates stronger economies, healthier communities and a safer world.

-Malala Fund

Our Model in Practice:

A local solution to a local challenge

Public School Education

Drop off and pick up from enrolled public school every day to ensure attendance

After-School Activities

Focusing on academic enrichment, women empowerment and

civic engagement

Nutritious Meals

Nutritious meals cooked by a local organization,

Sustainable Fare

Dorm Living

School night dormitory living in local neighborhood

We recognize that education is not just about school but about Community, Confidence and Consistency.

By keeping scholars enrolled and attending public school, they learn to be successful in their own community, break cycles of chronic absenteeism, and become leaders to help others succeed. 

By keeping local, we work hard to establish partnerships with Public Education System, Trenton Community Members and Scholars' parents. We know that high school is a crucial period of social-emotional growth, critical-thinking and identity formation. HomeWorks will provide a stable and positive environment for them to be equipped with tools and skills they need to move forward.

Listen to what past scholars have to say about our program

"HomeWorks is a place for me to speak up about not only being a girl, but also being a black girl."

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We value: 

Community Collaboration and Engagement

We believe it is important for Trenton's students to realize that they can not only achieve success in their home public schools but also help to improve them as they become leaders in their community. Our house is located within the city of Trenton and rely heavily on the partnerships with each public school, community organizations and most importantly our scholar's parents and family members to ensure success for them. We use a culturally responsive-based learning segment to conduct community projects.

Academic Enrichment

Working closely with our scholars’ school teachers, HomeWorks Trenton provides academic enrichment in reading, writing, social science, mathematics, and science through daily one-on-one and group tutoring. We hold scholars accountable to show up and address complex problems with our evidence-based curriculum. 

Women Empowerment


We believe that a focus on women’s empowerment will encourage healthy living and independence among our scholars and motivate them to become informed citizens and leaders.Through social-emotional workshops, scholars explore topics on body image, self-care, self-respect, and safe-dating. In our weekly Sunday night time to share stories, take risks in a safe environment, and receive mentoring from caring adults.

Life Skills
HomeWorks Trenton recognizes that an education is not just succeeding academically but succeeding beyond the classroom. We offer holistic life skills workshops to equip our scholars with the confidence and tools to adapt and positively handle challenges that may come their way. Our life skills workshops include financial literacy, time management, growth mindset, goal setting and more.
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We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Telephone: (609) 414-7907


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174 Nassau Street Box #196 Princeton, NJ 08542


Office: 34 Chambers Street, Princeton, NJ 08542

Residential House: Located in Ewing, NJ

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