Trenton's First After-School Residential Program

HomeWorks is a free, community-based, after-school residential program that provides academic and social-emotional enrichment activities while empowering marginalized high school girls in their community. 

Our Model in Practice:

Public School
Boarding School
After-school Activities

A local solution to a local challenge

Scholars live at HomeWorks during the week then spend the weekend with their families.

Our 5-½ day residential program brings the benefits of the boarding school experience to public education without high costs and scalability issues.

Girls' education creates stronger economies,

healthier communities and a safer world.

-Malala Fund


Public School Education

Daily drop-off and pick-up to public schools to ensure attendance


After-School Activities

Focused on academics, empowerment, and civic engagement

noun_hot food_994332.png

Nutritious Meals

Daily meals provided by Sustainable Fare, a local partner


Dorm Living

All the benefits of dorm living while still in your community

From Sunday evenings to Friday mornings, our scholars live in the HomeWorks house and are transported to and from their public schools. Every afternoon, scholars engage in activities focused on academics, cultural life skills, women empowerment, and civic engagement. 

HomeWorks provides a space for our scholars to explore and reclaim power over their experiences, cultures and identities, fostering a community of young women dedicated to breaking down social injustices in their home communities and beyond. 

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Our Pillars:

Community Collaboration and Engagement

Our model ensures that students can thrive at their public schools. We build partnerships with public schools, community organizations, parents and family members to help our scholars succeed. 

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Academic Enrichment

Certified educators create HomeWorks’ culturally responsive academic enrichment curriculum. Scholars attend daily one-on-one and group tutoring where they engage in the curriculum and remedial support.

Women Empowerment


HomeWorks scholars engage in workshops on body image, colorism, self-care, safe dating and more. These instill confidence, healthy living, and independence that enable scholars to socially and emotionally thrive.

Life Skills
Our scholars are equipped with tools to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Topics such as financial literacy, time management, growth mindset, goal setting and more are incorporated into daily life at HomeWorks.

Listen to what past scholars have to say about our program

"HomeWorks is a place for me to speak up about not only being a girl, but also being a black girl."

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