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Scholar Essays: Quincy


To me HomeWorks means growth and community. HomeWorks is a women’s empowerment boarding program. Being here has really given me the opportunity to create a community with the other girls here. We have made lifelong friendships and relationships being in HomeWorks.

Being a part of HomeWorks has helped me grow academically and emotionally. I have been able to become more intimate and vulnerable with my peers. Homeworks has really taught me to stay on top of my academics and that I’m always doing my best. We have had tutors and they have taught me good HomeWorks test taking strategies.

My three favorite activities have been social and emotional talks with Dr Marci, safe dating talks with Ms Danielle, and cooking with Chef Sal. Dr Marci and Ms Danielle have taught me things that I would not have thought of otherwise. Dr Marci opened our eyes to real world injustices. Chef Sal taught me how to handle food and cook well.

With what I learned I will help children in my community. I will build a safe space for teens and carry and pass on the things that I have learned. I want to see my community grow just as I did.

I would like to say to the HomeWorks staff. You all have become a big part of my life. You all have taught me so much about myself and who I want to become. I would also like to say thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.


Feeling inspired? Donate to our HomeWorks Trenton COVID-19 Relief Fund to support and provide food baskets and grocery store gift cards to our HomeWorks scholars and families during this rough time. All remaining proceeds will go to HomeWorks Trenton 2020 Full-Year Program!

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