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Thank You to Our 2022-2023 Partners!

Following our most recent post, we would also like to thank our volunteer partners for the most recent academic year, 2022-2023.

Dynell Kellyman, Identity Based Workshops

Ka'Neda Bullock, Finance and Investment Program

Tatiana Person, Identity Driven Leadership Program

Jason Park, Math Curriculum

Tiffany Allen, Grounds for Sculpture

Julio Badel, Grounds for Sculpture

Davangna Kaushish, Comcast Coding

Madhumathi Kannan, Comcast Coding

Erica Dugue, Social Justice Learning

Lindsey Eichelman, College Access

Liam Lynch, Dance Instructor

Grace Flagler, Womanspace

Rachana Late, Tutor

Alyssa Stoddard, Tutor

Jeremy Sordan, Tutor

Jahliya Lewis, Tutor

Tracy Barrientos, Tutor

Emma Taff, Tutor

Marlene Cardoza, Tutor

Christian Snyder, Tutor

Rosalyn Tiangco, Tutor

Andrea Merlos, Tutor

Victoria Merengwa, Tutor

Maria Morales Salgado, Tutor

Thalia Rose, Tutor

Once again, thank you all so much!

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