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Join the campaign to transform 1212 Edgewood Avenue into an exceptional space for HomeWorks Scholars!



After six years in five different rentals around town, HomeWorks Trenton is ready for permanent residency. We want to establish ourselves as an anchor point in our community and become part of the fabric of Trenton.

Program Sustainability and Growth

HomeWorks House will allow us to expand our program to impact 4x scholars per year.

Community Anchor

A permanent home will anchor HomeWorks in our community and increase our visibility and credibility.

Cost Savings

Not only will HomeWorks House allow us to do more for more scholars, it will help us do that at a significant cost savings.

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Located at 1212 Edgewood Avenue, our new home is in the Parkside neighborhood of south Trenton, one of the safest areas in the city. Bordering Cadwalader Park (famously designed by Frederick Law Olmstead) to the rear, HomeWorks House sits back and above street level. The property is two acres with plenty of open space and greenery, as well as off-street parking. Once the enlargement and renovations are completed, HomeWorks House will have 14,000 square feet. As with everything at HomeWorks, the selection and purchase of 1212 Edgewood Avenue was very intentional. Consulting with a panel of experienced advisors, we had deep insight into the Trenton housing market and neighborhoods. We narrowed our search to the Millhill, Hilltonia, and Cadwalader Park neighborhoods of Trenton. These neighborhoods, all slightly further from the city center, are the safest areas of Trenton and provide more open space and less distractions for our scholars. Within these areas, the ideal residential building would need to be large enough, with at least 70 square feet per bedroom for the first occupant and an additional 50 square feet for each additional occupant thereafter. In order to comply with New Jersey zoning and code standards, the residential building must be an R2 Dormitory. But town ordinances do not usually allow organizations like HomeWorks to live in certain residential areas. Most viable buildings in Trenton are not well situated for our needs. Buildings large enough often don't have requisite zoning or meet modern constructions codes. These considerations narrowed our search considerably. Before purchasing 1212 Edgewood Avenue, we secured zoning variance approval from the Trenton City Council.

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Located in Trenton, NJ

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