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Enriquecimiento Académico

HomeWorks cree que  una educación sólida es la base para un futuro exitoso. Trabajamos arduamente para crear un entorno en el que nuestros estudiantes estén motivados para aprender y perseguir sus pasiones académicas.

Los estudiantes adquieren un horario de estudio reglamentado y consistente y habilidades académicas y personales profundas para establecer metas a través de la instrucción de un maestro y sus tutores. También participan en  un programa integral de acceso a la universidad que les ayuda a planificar su futuro.

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Relationship with Parents + the Trenton Community

We consider the co-founders of HomeWorks to be Trenton school teachers and administrators, community leaders, scholars, and parents. Prior to launching HomeWorks, our team spoke with over 50 community members consisting of mothers, students, and educators to ensure that our program structure and curricula were being intentionally built by people who knew best. We invite community leaders to engage scholars in daily discussions where their personal experiences are validated, ask local teachers to help us create a culturally responsive curriculum, and plan biweekly field trips to learn from + work with community organizations and emphasize the importance of community.

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Relationship with Schools

We take pride in our strong relationship with Trenton Public Schools, the school district that our scholars attend. Multiple children of staff members and board members are enrolled in Trenton Public Schools, and multiple HomeWorks Trenton staff members have worked as educators at Trenton Public Schools.


HomeWorks Trenton also has strong relationships with administrators, teachers and staff within Trenton Public Schools. This allows us to communicate directly with them to shape our program and better understand our scholar’s needs. Examples include:

  • Working directly with the Superintendent to understand district wide opportunities and challenges, and discuss how HomeWorks can work alongside the district to affect change. 

  • Consulting with teachers to select topics and create lesson plans to build our study skills curriculum.

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  • HomeWorks staff have access to the school’s electronic grading portal to track scholars’ attendance and progress.  

  • HomeWorks partners with all TPS middle school teachers, counselors and parent liaisons to recruit for rising 9th graders. 

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