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Cameron's Journal Entry

I’ll be discussing the differences between HomeWorks last year and this year. One big difference between this year and last year is that this year is longer. Now that we stay there during school instead of the summer, they decided to keep us there longer. Also, since this is a boarding school usually it would have you there year-round, but this one only last for 1/3 of the school year. Homeworks is trying to bring the private boarding school setting to inner city underprivileged kids.

Another change is tutoring. Since we go to school, we’ll have homework. If it were last year, we wouldn’t have this since we don’t have any homework to practice on. The tutors usually help us with our homework and they also have their own lessons planned. They also do a reading tutor and they alternate between math and reading. You also can’t be on your phone so you take the time to know one another and then you could go to sleep if you’re tired. The last thing that’s change is the food and snacks. We get better snacks now and we can bring our own. We have until a specific time until we can eat, once you finish homework you can enjoy your free time without your phone(yay). We eat the food the parents provide during potlucks, and then we eat food provided for us for free. These are the changes from last year and this year.

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