Darae's Story

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Hi, my name is Darae. I am 14 years old. I am a rising freshman. I am currently attending Upward Bound, an academic summer program held at Mercer County Community College.Trenton has remained my home since birth and it will always have a special place in my heart. It truly is an amazing despite all the negativity that the world associates with our community. There are so many amazing people, programs, schools, etc. that we should take pride in and HomeWorks is one. As a resident of Trenton, NJ, one of my biggest goals is to show just how great this city is. I really do believe that HomeWorks’ is going to help me shine a light of positivity on Trenton. I have been a part of this program for 2 years and I can say that I am so grateful for Natalie [our Co-Founder and Director] and the rest of the HomeWorks staff for making the program possible. Last year I wasn’t too excited. It was the first time that I would be away from home weeks at a time. However, all of my nerves quickly went away. The HomeWorks staff was extremely welcoming and to be close to my cousins Keaira Leonard and Quincy Clark made it feel just like home. All of the girls in the house formed a strong sisterly bond. HomeWorks taught us to spread positivity, uplift each other, and most importantly to uplift yourself. This year the only thing that has changed from last year is the amount of my sisters in the program.

HomeWorks is a program that I am proud to be a part of. HomeWorks helps with improving the mindset of young girls and preparing them for life. There are probably many young women my age who need this program, and I really do hope that it continues to grow and prosper to help the reputation of our city.

So in conclusion thank you Natalie and the rest of the HomeWorks staff for making this amazing program possible. Keep doing what you’re doing and spreading positivity throughout Trenton, NJ.

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