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Nkosazana's Polygence Project: SCRUBS

This year, some of our HomeWorks scholars participated in Polygence, an online research academy founded by Harvard, MIT and Stanford researchers dedicated to democratizing access to research opportunities for high school students. Through the guidance of a mentor, our scholars developed a research project and showcased their work and passion through a publication, conference presentation or creative piece.

See our first scholar, Nkosazana's Project "SCRUBS" below:

"Observing the hardships young children go through in children’s hospitals, I targeted the first thing you see when being treated; SCRUBS. Over the course of 10 weeks, I created scrubs with my mentor from Polygence. Polygence is a project based program where I am specially matched with a mentor based off the project I want to create. My book I created alongside the scrubs captures each way joy is created, some including love, connection, and belonging. This project helped me discover the importance of happiness and how it is truly created" - Nkosazana

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