Poems By Jessica

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Jessica (left) working hard on her writing skills with her HomeWorks sisters!

We are so excited to share three beautiful and inspiring poems written by our scholar, Jessica, this summer.

Thank you to Lawrenceville Summer Scholars and Ms Sarah Pearl for partnering with us to further develop Jessica's writing skills.

Jessica, we are so proud of you!


Two Worlds

Both from land of flourish.

Fresh and ripe.

They lay next to each other

Side by side.

Forbidden to touch

Forbidden to talk.

There are rebels

Who challenge.

The prince from left,

The princess from right,

Are amongst them.

They believe

All should have power.

All should be equal.

So they unite

To show those in power,

That together they can achieve.

The prince from left,

The princess from right,

Through thick and thin

Ups and downs,

The two grow together.

They knock down walls,

Build empires,

And live life as one.


Within the Walls

A mother who struggled to find opportunity.

A father who struggled to find purpose.

A brother who never made it to orientation.

A sister who had no representation.

A house who has red and blue walls, black and white furniture.

A home based on fantasies.

A family who lives in reality.


America At Its Finest

America is the land of opportunity.

Where success and achievement is longed.

For equality and diversity is offered.

Introduced to cultures,

From west,

To east.

People from across the world,

Pray to see.

But there is a mask upon its face.

A lie within the three truths.

Success happens for those privileged.

Achievement happens for those loaded.

The race for equality has never stopped.

We are introduced to new cultures,

But we don't test,

We rest.

Some run from those who protect

Some run from those who object.

We tend to ourselves to keep at peace,

And do what can be done to say the least.

America at its finest.

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