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Scholar Essays: Arafat


To me, HomeWorks is a unified group of girls working hard to empower each other and work on making their community a better place. It is an after-school boarding program that is based in Trenton, New Jersey that focuses on helping out girls in the Mercer County area and has them learn how to help others.

While being in the program, I have academically improved with my study skills and educational awareness. Emotionally, I have become more vulnerable and open to people and experiences. Personally, I think that it has made me a better person and that it was good for me to be with a group of girls around my age in a very open and positive space.

My 3 favorite activities from HomeWorks were staying at the Barn because I learned that a lot of places are more economically diverse than others about how they eat certain products and their consumption of sugar. I enjoyed the play that we went to about Gloria Steinem because she was an activist for women’s rights and learning about her story was very inspirational. The last one was going to go see my math tutor perform a series of dances at her school because I learned a lot from her lessons and the story behind the dances was something that I had common knowledge about.

When I leave Homeworks, the things that I am going to do differently are the way that I study because I want to stay on top of my grades; the way that I trust other people because I don't know how to be vulnerable to others; finally, I am going to try and involve myself in more programs and working more in programs that involve me being in the community so that I can help others have something positive in their lives.

To the HomeWorks staff, I would like to say thank you for welcoming me how you did and that I would be honored to be a part of the program next year. Meeting everyone has been a blessing in disguise because I have learned enough wisdom to go over 2 lifetimes and have met wonderful people in this process. So thank you for all of this.


Feeling inspired? Donate to our HomeWorks Trenton COVID-19 Relief Fund to support and provide food baskets and grocery store gift cards to our HomeWorks scholars and families during this rough time. All remaining proceeds will go to HomeWorks Trenton 2020 Full-Year Program!

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