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Scholar Essays: Deliharrys


Hello, my name is Deliharrys. I am 15 years young and I'm in 9th grade. I am a scholar at the HomeWorks after school boarding program.

Let's start off by saying that HomeWorks is an after school boarding program for only girls aged 12 through 16. To me, the program is built for young girls to help them with their work and to show them that you could still have fun even while working and doing school related things. This program shows girls how to be independent and to grow as a strong young female. It helps us realize that we can do what we want and when we want because we can do it. This program pushes us to do better and sometimes all you need is a little push! My point is this program has helped me in many was and it has helped many other girls to do much better so if it has helped us then it can help many other females as long as they try to do better then they will.

The way I have grown in this program is by expressing myself more. I used to be to myself a lot and I never expressed how I felt nor what I wanted to say or do. I just stayed quiet and never said a word. It was very hard for me to let things out and show how I felt. I did not understand myself. I could not speak to anyone the way I talk to them now. This program has helped me let things out and being able to express myself and show how I feel.

It has also helped me become a better person in general. I can now just talk to other people with no problem. I might stutter here and there but it is only because I am still working on it. But HomeWorks has also helped me with school. I am now much better than I was at math. The tutors have helped me so much. I'm so glad they got to work with us because without them I would still be struggling in some parts in math. HomeWorks has also helped me in personal things like knowing how to control my feelings and being able to put myself before anyone else.

My three favorite activities in HomeWorks are our talks with Ms. Danielle because she talks to us about relationships and how to carefully take care of ourselves while in the relationship. She also tells us how to safely be in a relationship itself. She has helped me realize a lot. Another activity that I really have liked is going horse back riding because at first I did not like horses but now I like them very much and I hope to ride another one soon because it was a very fun experience for me and the girls. The third activity that I like very much is when Ms. Tina comes because she shows us how to relax and she does yoga with us so it helps me calm down.

In the future I will stop acting like I am scared of everything and I'm just going to do what I have to do and be myself no matter what because this program has taught me that being myself is better than being someone I am not.

In conclusion, to the HomeWorks staff, I would like to say that I really appreciate the fact that everyone here has helped me in some kind of way. I love the community we have here and I hope to come back next year and do even better than I am. I love how you are all like family to me and how you all care so much for me! I love y'all all so very much and I thank you all so much for helping me with school and just life in general! You are all very special to me!

I thank God for giving me the chance of being here and being able to find myself in this program! HomeWorks is an amazing place!

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