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Scholar Essays: Makayla

What does HomeWorks mean to me? To me HomeWorks means independence. I say independence because you can come to this program and learn how to be independent. In my opinion, independence is a very good trait for young African-American girls growing up in society now. And if I do say so myself, I am an independent person.

How have you grown by being at HomeWorks? The way that I've grown in this program is by not being as shy as I was in the beginning, and also being much more confident. But now if I walk into a room, I won't have my head down, now I'll walk in the room knowing that I am a proud and confident young adult. Now I am very proud of myself for accomplishing that, because that was one of my goals before school had started.

What are 3 of my favorite HomeWorks activities? The FBI trip, going to see Dorobucci (Princeton AfricanDance Group) perform, and cooking with Ms. Lynn (Barn at Gravity Hill). So, the reason why I chose the FBI trip is because I had never wanted to be in the FBI but now it's very interesting to me. The reason why I liked the Dorobucci performance is because I am very into dancing. Last, but not least, the reason why I loved cooking with Ms. Lynn is because I really enjoy cooking with my mom at home.

What are you going to do differently in the future when leaving HomeWorks? I am going to continue being confident, not being shy, and being independent. I will also start to try out for new sports and trying new things. And also the obvious, continue middle school and high school and try to get into Princeton University.

What would I like to say to the HomeWorks staff? I just want to say thank you for being there for me. And also letting me join this program. To be specific, Ms. Youtee was just like a big sister to me and I appreciate that. You guys have made this my 3rd home. Thank you Ms. Natalie for showing to me the world (academically) and also being there for me.

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