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By Bryan Evans - March 25, 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to have far reaching implications on families across Trenton and across the globe, organizers are looking for ways to ease the burden.

“COVID-19 has been affecting communities all around the world. Right here in Trenton, New Jersey, schools have closed but most parents are still heading to work, unable to practice social distancing due to the nature of their jobs,” said HomeWorks Trenton Co-Founder and Executive Director Natalie Tung. “This hits close to home because in a time such as this, the ones who suffer the most are those without healthcare and stable homes. Although resilient and resourceful, Trenton is already experiencing the impact of COVID-19 in significant ways – including our HomeWorks girls and families.”

“Our team at HomeWorks Trenton is currently in communication with our HomeWorks families to better understand how we can support our community,” added Tung. “Our first step is to provide families with food baskets and grocery store gift cards. Routines have been interrupted and priorities have been shifted, where scholars and their siblings are no longer regularly receiving free and reduced breakfast and lunch at school, and parents may not be able to cook because they are still at work.”

In response to the growing pandemic, Tung is urging everyone to donate here to support the families and community in Trenton. “When communities come together, we are so powerful,” expressed Tung.

HomeWorks Trenton is creating a network of powerful, young “changemakers” that exists beyond their dorms, their schools, and Trenton. Thus, the growth of their scholars can be translated anywhere.

In these times of uncertainty, it pays to stay vigilant, positive, and headstrong. HomeWorks Trenton is an example of an organization which is raising the next generation of leaders with these qualities and attributes. Due to the impact organizations like this have on the community, hard work and effort dedicated to educating the youth now will lead to a brighter tomorrow.

If you would like more information on Homeworks Trenton, please visit their website at

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