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Identity-Driven Leadership

At HomeWorks, growth extends beyond the classroom. We offer daily programming ranging from social emotional dialogue to the arts, all centered around developing leadership skills and boosting self-esteem.

Scholars also explore their identities as young Black and Brown women. In a safe setting, they share their lived experiences among their fellow scholars, staff, and program leaders.

Social Justice Learning Curriculum

At HomeWorks, growth extends beyond the classroom. Scholars took part in a dialogue series and antiracist learning curriculum challenging scholars to analyze life experiences through frameworks of social identity, power, and oppression, in order to identify passion areas in social justice. Our newly developed social justice learning curriculum is a comprehensive, full-year learning and service program, in which our scholars participate in four main components:

Internship Matching Program

During their junior and senior year, scholars are able to match with various internship opportunities within the community that relate to their curriculum of social justice. Through these matches, we hope to provide the junior or senior with relevant work experience as well as a fun opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Enrichment Lessons

A series on topics that prompt internal reflection, interpersonal navigation, external analysis, and social mobilization through frameworks of social identity, power, privilege, and oppression

Community Engaged Learning

Each scholar in the SJLC will have weekly volunteering/mentorships to one of many local grassroots and non-profit organizations, municipal and political bodies, local activists, or other service-focused spaces in and around Trenton, diving deeper into a social justice passion area they have developed, either prior to or during the SJLC, learning valuable leadership skills, and making an impact on their community.

Year End Capstone

Scholars will create a creative, individual (or small group) project to materialize the learning and service they have engaged this year through the SJLC

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Our Activities

We shape our scholars to be leaders by providing opportunities for scholars to explore other interests. Here are some of the workshops we ran last year!

Trip to Comcast

Our scholars took a trip to the Comcast center in Philadelphia, where our scholars got to meet and network with woman engineers, as well as learn more about a potential career. Comcast also gave every scholar and staff member a free iPad as well! 

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