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A Parent's Reflection on HomeWorks

The differences that I see in Cameron since she has been in the Home Works program:

Usually Cameron is a pretty quiet person with not much to say about anything. Cameron can either take it or leave it and the old Cameron would not be bothered and just leave it.

Oh, but you better believe the new (Home Works) Cameron will tell you what’s on her mind unfortunately good or bad. I had to tell her to hold back a little and to also remember that some things don’t need to be said. It was a point well taken and she seems to understand.

Cameron has matured significantly since entering the program last summer and had no issues being away from home and not being able to follow her normal routine which was cell phone and video games. I thought that she was going to have a hard time with that but seems as though she has gotten over it even to this day. Don’t get me wrong, when she gets home, she tries to make up for lost time but all and all there is a big difference.

HomeWorks is a great program and I think that it has helped Cameron a lot with how well she communicates with other individuals and her maturity level overall. I thought she would be homesick, and I would find myself asking my wife if she had heard from Cameron or if Cameron had called. My wife would simply say that Cameron is having a good time she not worried about us.


Cameron’s Dad

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