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HomeWorks' Mission to Empower the Women of Trenton

Originally published on The Trenton Daily by Logan Nadel.

HomeWorks Trenton, a non-profit organization based in Princeton, NJ, released a video to support their mission to empower the women of New Jersey titled, One Girl at a Time.

“HomeWorks is reversing the narrative that students from low-income urban communities need to leave their homes in order to be successful,” said HomeWorks Trenton Co-Founder and Executive Director Natalie Tung. “We recognize the beauty and strength within the city of Trenton and partner with parents, schools and community partners to create an individual impact (where scholars regularly attend school and achieve academic and social-emotional growth), a community impact (where scholars uplift each other and lead their communities), and a global impact (where scholars join us in disrupting systems of gender and educational inequity).”

“Our vision is to expand nationally and globally, serving high school girls in low-income areas around the world,” Tung added. “New chapters will exist in small communities, but each will operate with the individual needs of its niche community. This expansion will continue our work in academic and social-emotional growth while creating a global community of sisterhood.”

A free community-based after-school, boarding program, HomeWorks Trenton provides academic and social-emotional enrichment activities to supplement public schools, empower women, and build community leaders. The organization serves middle and high school girls throughout the city of Trenton.

From Sunday nights to Friday mornings, the organization’s scholars are transported to and from their public schools. In the afternoon through the evening, students engage in activities focused on academics, necessary life skills, women empowerment, and civic engagement. Then, they eat a family-style meal and stay overnight in custom dorms with two full-time staff.

The short video: One Girl at a Time filmed by Gerardo Puglia (Emmy-Winning Cinematographer) and edited by Juan Ortiz (Founder of Redd Pen Media/Trenton Central High School ‘04) is a short look into the magic that is HomeWorks Trenton. The film showcases the women who are currently part of the program and their struggles with finding their place in the world. In the video these strong and eager students explain how HomeWorks has changed their lives for the better and given them hope for their futures.

“Our scholars cultivate their own meaning of community and leadership, informed by their experiences in and outside of the classroom,” said Youtee Wheagar, NJ AmeriCorps Bonner Program Assistant for HomeWorks Trenton. “HomeWorks gives our scholars the resources that are essential in their development as young leaders in the Trenton community and trusts them to share those resources with peers and family members.”

If you would like more information on Homeworks Trenton, please visit their website at


Feeling inspired? Donate to our HomeWorks Trenton COVID-19 Relief Fund to support and provide food baskets and grocery store gift cards to our HomeWorks scholars and families during this rough time. All remaining proceeds will go to HomeWorks Trenton 2020 Full-Year Program!

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