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HomeWorks Trenton: One Girl at a Time

HomeWorks Trenton: One Girl at a Time, filmed by Gerardo Puglia (Emmy-Winning Cinematographer) and edited by Juan Ortiz (Founder of Redd Pen Media/Trenton Central High School ‘04) is a short look into the magic that is HomeWorks Trenton. From September to December 2019, HomeWorks operated our Semester Scholars Program with 11 scholars. We want to thank everyone involved in making our third pilot program successful!


HomeWorks Trenton is a community-based, after-school boarding program for high school girls in Trenton. From Sunday nights to Friday mornings, our scholars are transported to and from their public schools. In the afternoon through the evening, they engage in activities focused on academics, life skills, women empowerment, and civic engagement. Then, they eat a family-style meal and stay overnight in our dorm with two full-time staff.

At HomeWorks our scholars cultivate their own meaning of community and leadership, informed by their experiences in and outside of the classroom. HomeWorks gives our scholars the resources that are essential in their development as young leaders in the Trenton community and trusts them to share those resources with peers and family members. We are creating a network of powerful, young change-makers that exists beyond our dorm, their schools, and Trenton. Thus, the growth of our scholars can be translated anywhere.

Be sure to follow our journey at HomeWorks Trenton on Instagram and Facebook!

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